1) Maintain a formal register of properties.

2) Establish and maintain a fund for administrative expenses, valuation fees, insurance premiums, repairs and maintenance etc.

3) Operate a dedicated interest bearing bank account for the Body Corporate.

4) Establish and maintain a long term maintenance plan (10 years) as required by Section 116 of the Act.

5) Levy members their contributions, collect contributions, pay accounts.

6) Arrange an annual valuation for insurance purposes, obtain cover for full replacement insurance, make necessary claims.

7) Prepare annual financial accounts.

8) Prepare annual budget, give notice of; arrange, and prepare minutes f the Annual General Meeting. Also arrange and prepare minutes of an Extraordinary Meetings.

9) Liaise with the Local Authorities where necessary over rates, water charges, drainage and any other planning matter affecting the whole property.

10) Do any secretarial work.

11) Protect the interests of the proprietors and their asset, and assist with any common problems. 

12) Oversee the maintenance of the common parts of the building and superintend the cleaning, security and building services such as lift(s) and fire protection.

13) If applicable, ensure the Building Warrant of Fitness is up to date and ensure all necessary contracts are in place to allow the WOF to be issued on an annual basis.

14) Where the Body Corporate is registered for GST; to complete GST returns.

Additional Work (Body Coporate)

a) Prepare disclosure statements for Proprietors and the Body Corporate on the slae of a Unit(s).

b) Attendance at hearings conducted by tribunals.

c) Attendance on solicitors in relation to legal proceedings by the Body Corporate.

d) The preparation and submission of income tax returns on behalf of the Body Corporate.

e) Attendance on auditors of the Body Corporate accounts and lodgment of prescribed reports and statements if required.

f) Attending to recovery of levies in arrears.

g) Project managing any one off contracts on the building.

h) Attending to matters in relation to amendments to the Body Corporate Rules.  


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