1) To endeavour to ensure that all lettable space is let and continues to be let on acceptable terms and conditions to the building owner.

2) To advise and liaise with owners over rent reviews and lease expiries. To arrange rental valuations where appropriate, and once the owner's agreement has been obtained, to negotiate with lessees. We also arrange the necessary rental tax invoices and automatic payment authorities, on the owner's behalf.

3) To arrange for and monitor the payment of rentals, which we see as being appropriately paid direct to the owner.

4) To follow up on an rental payments missed, and to pursue these payments.

5) To arrange and monitor all day to day running of the building, including cleaning of common areas, repairs and maintenance, allocation of carparks etc.

6) To budget the annual running costs of the building, and to arrange apportionment of such costs where theses can be recovered from lessees.

7) To invoice tenants for their share of operating costs and pay all due operating costs due. At the end of the financial year do a full reconciliation of the operating costs and arrange refunds or invoicing of shortfalls.

8) To continually monitor operating costs and to seek cost savings and improve efficiencies.

9) To ensure that the building has an up to date Warrant of Fitness in terms of the Building Act 2004 and that all necessary inspections take place to enable the Warrant of Fitness to remain in place.

10) To put in place and Emergency Evacuation Scheme for the building, in terms of the Fire Safety and Evacuation of Building Regulations 1992.

11) To ensure tenants comply with their lease obligations and to inspect premises regularly.

12) To arrange an annual maintenance programme and to facilitate any maintenance required.

13) To arrange, in conjunction with the building owner, insurance cover for the building.

14) To handle all tenant enquiries and problems, and to be available at all times to the tenant.

15) To report regularly to the building owner on the management of the building.

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